Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm Pretty Strange All Right

This morning I was at the intersection of Rowan and Addison counting bicycles and pedestrians for the Washington State Department of Transportation. Lidgerwood Elementary School is right there. My volunteer time was uneventful until with 30 minutes left a woman in a van stopped. 

"What are you doing. You're standing on school property and you have a camera. I think that's pretty strange and I have a child that goes to this school."

I wasn't holding my camera in my hand at the time. It was hanging off my back. I told her I was a volunteer counting pedestrians and bicycles. She didn't have anything to say to that and drove off. But such is the state of fear in our country that a man standing on a street corner near a school with a camera hanging over his back is considered a possible threat.

Or maybe she got the idea I was strange when saw me taking pictures. Here's what I shot.

 Evil red eyes.

 The rising sun skirting around a garage.

 Vapor trails.

 A bug with large round wings.

The remnants of yard sale..

...and lost pet sign postings.

 Risking a $100 fine.

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Unknown said...

your post reminds me of a visit to a chicken farm with our little Ethan a few years ago. As I took pictures of the little guy enjoying putting straw thru the wires and later holding some eggs, a lady warned me that I could be "tracked" with the gps on my camera. Someone developing my prints could "find" me and him! His mother and I had a good laugh.