Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Looking Towards The Future

I've been receiving frequent request for campaign donations from Cathy McMorris Rodgers. I'm not about to donate a dime.

I thought it strange and yet somewhat fitting that the subject line practically screams spam. "please read entire email", all in lower case.

She just got reelected last fall. Why does she need to finish this quarter strong? Three bucks? Heck, I don't even check the donation box on my tax form.

Since January she's been posting all kinds of stuff on her Facebook page. She's doing more videos, staying on the talking points as usual, but it's as if she's trying to increase her visibility. And unlike Ted Cruz she has registered her namesake domain name where she encourages us to join her and Rebuild the American Dream.

The background image is a touching photo of a man wearing a watch on his right wrist and the writing and graphics on his T-shirt reversed. Maybe the mirror image of Cathy is more appealing?

There, I fixed it.

Then she takes the money that you donate to rebuild the American dream and gives it to other candidates of her choosing. Nice.

If only Carnac the Magnificent was here to tell us if Cathy McMorris Rodgers is looking to be on the ticket--as Vice President, obviously, since the party is run by white men--in 2016.

Last December her PAC spent $2500 on a speech coach. 

If you've watched her latest videos you can understand why she should ask for a refund.

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Not said...

When she says, "Change the tech landscape for entrepreneurs, companies, and consumers," she means to destroy net neutrality so that small companies are less likely to survive and consumers will have fewer choices.
- Ventura