Sunday, January 31, 2016

Riding Riverside

Yesterday I took the Scott Genius--obviously not named after me--out to Riverside State Park to check out the trail conditions and get a couple hours of riding in. I got plenty of riding in and a little walking, too. The roads have a lot of standing water, which I was able to avoid by hugging the edges. The climbs and descents I hit were rideable. The descents were clear, to include Devil's Down, until you reached the bottom where there was 4-6 inches of crusty snow just itching to throw you off course. The inner loop of the 24 Hour course has a lot of snow. Fat bikes would have an easier time there than my mountain bike.

I got a good workout and comparing the level of effort and performance with that I was doing last year, I can tell that daily commuting may be enough to keep me healthy but it's not enough to keep me in good enough shape for what I expect of myself here. Thankfully, I have plenty of time to get ready for the 24 Hour Race.

Snow between Devil's Up and Devil's Down. 

The sun came out! 

A slight detour required here. 

Bringing some of the park home with me.

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