Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seeing Green With Photo Red

KXLY published a story about the photo-red program where cameras set up at four intersections monitor and photograph vehicles that enter the intersection after the light has turned red.

According to the Spokane Police web site Photo Red " a safety program. Automated safety systems have been shown to reduce red-light violations and intersection crashes."

The KXLY report had nothing to say about the number of accidents at the intersection. You'd think that would be the first thing asked about, especially since we're taking pictures of the red light runners. But the system also has constant video coverage of the intersections so the police department would be able to capture every accident on tape. That's not to say they're not doing that, but you'd think the city would be touting the primary reason for having this system. Here's what KXLY did report:

The red light tickets have brought in over $50,000 dollars to the City of Spokane.


The city expects to add four new cameras to intersections around Spokane, but the locations have not been determined. Installation should take place in March.

Say it with me now. Cha-ching!!!

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