Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Moral Dilemma?

We've probably all heard about the program "24" with Jack Bauer doing everything he can, including using torture, to protect the country. There's another program called "Chuck" in which a hapless computer geek becomes a national asset through some unbelievable circumstances. He's protected by two secret agents, John Casey and Sarah Walker. Sarah, aside from being deadly, is blonde and beautiful and the show teases the audience with hints of a love interest between her and Chuck. Since Chuck is such a highly valued target he is sought by the bad guys. One is caught by Sarah and Chuck, without Sarah's knowledge, witnesses her killing the bad guy in cold blood. He struggles with this for some time before he finally confronts her with it. She admits what she did and explains that she had to. Chuck is so important that she has to do whatever is necessary to protect him.

And then Chuck is okay with it.

That's the bill of goods we're sold every day. Indefinite detention, denial of habeas corpus, water boarding, Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition, illegal surveillance, air strikes from unmanned Predator aircraft, and more because we have to do whatever is necessary. We are Chuck.

I'm not okay with it.

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Unknown said...

well, Hank, what ever happened to good old Dragnet

you challenge my brain and heart.

luv ya, auntjanet