Monday, May 4, 2009

But He's A Good Man

Wade Sanders is a decorated war hero and a former Deputy Assistant United States Secretary of the Navy.

He was also caught by the FBI in possession of child pornography and has pleaded guilty in federal court. It is now time for the sentencing phase of the case and some high-power supporters are urging the judge to reduce the sentence.

Sanders, 69, is scheduled to be sentenced after pleading guilty in December to possession of child pornography. He could face as much as 10 years in prison after federal agents found child pornography on several of his home computers.
The hearing promises to be dramatic, with more than 50 people lining up in support of Sanders. In addition to [Senator John] Kerry, they include former U.S. senator and war hero Max Cleland of Georgia, who headed the Veterans Administration under President Jimmy Carter.

Also offering support are former Rep. Lynn Schenk of San Diego, a lawyer and longtime friend of Sanders; and numerous retired Navy officers, friends and relatives of Sanders. Bernie Jones, the Opinion page editor of The San Diego Union-Tribune, where numerous commentaries by Sanders have been published over the years, also wrote a letter opposing a prison term.

I'm going to set aside that the sketchy information in the news article that comes no where near inducing me to sympathize with Mr Sanders.

Instead I want to focus on his important and influential supporters. I've often wondered why public service should be considered a mitigating factor in determining the sentence of a convicted criminal. After all, if a person was such a wonderful public servant wouldn't that make their crime more egregious since they violated the public's trust?

As it turns out Sanders got 37 months in prison. Among other conditions he must register as a sex offender when he's released.

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Lucas said...

I don't know, in some cases I think common sense should prevail. I mean, Tom Daschle may have exercised poor judgment but I still think he should have had his shot at HHS. However, when it comes to child pornography all bets are off. The guy should have gotten as much time as was possible, high-profile supporters and admirable public service be damned.