Thursday, May 7, 2009

Taking Things For Granted

My ride into work takes me down Hwy 2 and I make a left turn at Holland. Every single time and I mean...every...single...time...I wait in the left turn lane, the left arrow turns green before the north-south lights do. I've always felt it was the most bike-friendly light in the city.

This morning I'm waiting at the light and I have allowed my mind to wander. The light turns green and I make a left turn right across the path of the oncoming northbound traffic who also just started to go. I exchange "What the heck are you doing?" looks with the drivers who are slamming on the brakes. I get through the intersection, glance back, and to my chagrin see that the left turn signal arrow is red and the north-south lanes are green. just can't count on anything these days.

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Lucas said...

Yeouch! I am on Hwy 2 @ Holland to go left onto Holland on my way home and the left arrow goes before the other lanes. Several times I have seen people start through the light because they were paying attention to me (often people in large trucks, and who can blame 'em? Chubby guys in spandex is FUNNY!) and just started going when I did. Kinda makes me laugh every time.