Monday, March 12, 2012

Kleverly Koncealed Klan?

Vanity plates always catch my eye and the fun ones require some thinking to figure them out. Steph spotted this one tonight and she doesn't think it's all that fun.

Steph figured this one out on her own. "K" is the eleventh letter in the English alphabet. Konclusive evidence or konjecture on our part?

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Anonymous said...

Klan kan kount. Klan kute.

Speaking of bigotry exposed, check out the resignation letter by the Goldman Sachs exec in the New York Times today. I guess the new n-word in Goldman's corporate dictionary is "muppets."

Although, if Goldman's direct clients are muppets, than we must be something less than muppets.

I hope we're hobbits. "Hobbit" would look good on one those Bicycle Alliance licence plates.

I suspect Goldman calls us taxpayers chumps though.

"2L" it is.