Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Will Scott Walker win?

My former state senator, Michael Baumgartner, is asking his Facebook friends if Scott Walker will win the recall the election that's taking place today. (I say former because thanks to the redistricting I am now in the gun-totin', God-fearin', bleedin' red 7th legislative district.) 
Anyway, for most Spokanites, the recall election in Wisconsin is probably news to them because it's politics in Wisconsin. What our Social Security-killing state senator doesn't mention is that regardless of the election results, we'll find out whether Walker wins or not after the grand jury has heard all the evidence and votes.


Bucky said...

It says a lot about Obama and the national Democrats that they abandoned the grass roots movement in Wisconsin. Obama promised to march with labor during his campaign. He lied. As with everything else: the mandate and public option, real Wall Street reform, Gitmo, etc etc.

The Wisconsin vote shouldn't even be close, not given the Walker scandals and Wisconsin's "clean" tradition of politics.

Unfortunately, Obama's condescension and Chicago-style politics-as-usual have taken away any sense that there is any meaningful difference between the parties.

The elite Dems even sent Bill Clinton at the last minute, widely blamed in the midwest state for NAFTA/WTO/MFN, repealing Glass-Steagall, glorifying Wall Street, and personal corruption. Insult after injury.

Even if Barrett wins, it seems quite likely Obama will lose this key swing state in November. "Sconni" should have been his for the asking, had he fulfilled his campaign promises.

Anonymous said...

Obama's other liability in the rust belt is actually his "successful" auto bailout. Obama used his leverage to bust union contracts and force younger workers into lower wage scales than Boomers while ensuring high salaries for auto execs.

Now that cars are selling, the question is why the loan deals weren't conditioned on an eventual return to more favorable terms for workers.