Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wed Night MTB Race

Tonight was the first race of the 8-week series. I signed up for the 2-lap race. Just because. There was a great turnout. So many, in fact, that registration ran long and the race started 35 minutes late. The course was crowded so I got plenty of experience dealing with that. All it takes is one person up front to lose it in the rock garden and everybody comes to a halt. Overall, I was very happy with my race. I had a great time. My confidence level rose and I think I did pretty good.

On the second lap I caught up with three other riders at the top of Five Minute Hill. I trailed them on the single track, waiting for an opportunity to pass. When the opportunity came, two of them waved me by. I followed the third one for a bit before getting by him. On the last climb one of the guys behind me just cranked it up the hill and got well ahead of me. I put a target on his back. I was slowly reeling him in when I went through a swerving section of single track loaded with trees. Going a little fast for conditions, if that can be done, I bumped the end of my handlebar on a tree. That knocked me off track and I caught a tree head on for my trouble. I was okay and I frantically checked my bike to make sure it was too. The handlebars and front wheel were not in line anymore but everything else seemed okay. In the meantime, four riders behind me passed by. Satisfied the bike was rideable, I jumped back on. The remainder of the course was flat double track and I opened up the throttle. I got by one rider and had one in my sights on the final straightaway. When I passed him he hammered the pedals and surged. But I had plenty of gas left so I kept my front wheel just ahead of his as we sprinted to the finish. I ended up 19th out of 38 in the men's 40+ two-lappers.

Then I had beer and bratwurst. Whoo-hoo!

 My bib number for the series.

 The fast guys up front.

Scored some free tools!

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