Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Race

It was not my night. The course was short so those of us doing two laps had to do three, which was fine. I started at the back of the pack and worked my way up a bit. Just before ending the first lap I came to the top of the downhill that led to the straightaway finish and my front tire slid out on me. I scratch my leg up a little and got back on. Two riders got by me and I reeled them back in on the straightaway.

On the second lap my chain came off the front chain ring and got caught between the chain ring and bottom bracket. Twice. Each time I had to wrestle the chain back out. In the meantime, all kinds of riders passed me by. I reeled a few of them back in, including my friend Brian who rocked the fat bike on the course. He was hoping I'd have one more mechanical on the third lap so he'd have a chance at finishing ahead of me. Sorry to let you down, Brian.

The third lap went better and I finished strong. After getting my beer I checked my bike over. The front derailleur is out of adjustment so I'll be taking care of that. My scraped up leg was complaining. It got a good scrubbing at home and a light coat of neosporin. Fun times.

I'm a wimp.

In 24 Hour Race news, the course is going to be marked this coming Friday. On Sunday I'm going out there for an eight hour ride.

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