Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chicago Marathon

Kathy and I went to "My kind of town" last Wednesday to hang out, see some sights, and then run the marathon on Sunday. She ran. I took photos. On Friday we picked up her packet at the expo. There was a free shuttle from the hotel, which we rode. What we didn't know was that there were four different shuttles going to and from four different parts of the city. We took shuttle #3 to get to the expo. We got on #4 for the ride back and ended up about three miles from our hotel. So we had a nice walk and saw more of Chicago.

Honestly. With 40k+ people running, would they ever say the threat level was anything other than low?

 Plenty of photo op locations at the expo.

 Our runner before the start.

 Teeming masses lined the race as well as participated in it. I missed Kathy at the two-mile mark. You can probably see why.

 One of those people passed by while I was waiting at the halfway mark.

 Doctor Dribble making a respectable showing.

 I cannot tell you how many bright yellow shirts I looked at. I finally spotted my girl looking smooth midway through the race.

 Doctor Dribble bringing it in with a mile to go.

 I don't know. There's just something about this outfit thats screams "wrong" to me.

 One of those people again.

 I found the majority were not smiling at this point.

 And there she is. Wrapping it up with a time of 5:07:07.

The happy finisher.

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