Saturday, October 4, 2014

First Cyclocross Race of The Season

I signed up for Crosstoberfest III in Sandpoint, which is held today and tomorrow. I rode One Greer in the single speed race and Top Greer in the men's 50+. The Sandpoint course is one of my favorites. There are difficult parts but you have time to recover after them. I love the technical parts better because that's where I make the most headway against the others. People complain about the spiral of death but I love it because I seem to get through it pretty smoothly. I range the chimes in the center each time.

I wasn't comfortable jumping the log with the single speed but I cleared it all five laps in the men's 50+ race. It's a good thing, too. This year it's a larger log.

I gave my friend my camera for the single speed race and he got a couple of me.

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