Sunday, January 4, 2015

Craptastic Comcast

I tried calling Comcast this morning to ask about the small cable box attached to my downstairs TV. We want to get rid of the 27-inch cathode ray television and replace it with a high def TV of a similar size. The ancillary cable box attached to the TV uses a coax cable connection. Plus, it's not HD so we need to replace it.

I called their toll free number and I was presented with two options. New customers were to press 1 and anyone wanting a free vacation had to press 2. I didn't press either. After a while a voice said I would be connected to a customer service representative. After a couple of clicks the line went dead.

So I called back.

This time I pressed 2. I was informed I had been selected to receive copies of some magazines and a $50 Walmart gift card. Press 1 to accept and press 2 to decline.

I pressed 2. I was politely thanked for calling and told, "Good-bye." And the line went dead.

So I called again.

The third time was a charm because I finally got to speak to a live person--well, after navigating a variety of options and verifying my account--and got them to send me a new cable box.

Fun times.

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