Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cathy McMorris Rodgers Wants A Vibrant, Open Internet

Except for when she doesn't.

Our congresswoman is not happy with the FCC's decision to reclassify broadband providers as telecommunication services under the Title II of the Telecommunications Act. Here's what she posted on the Facebook page:

A vibrant, open, Internet economy creates good-paying jobs and more opportunity for all Americans, which is why I’m concerned by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s decision to regulate the Internet with the same rules used to govern landline telephones. This decision exemplifies why top-down, one-size-fits-all regulations from Washington, DC block the investment and innovation needed to support and grow this critical American resource. Even more troubling is the Chairman’s refusal to testify in front of Congress about his plan, and the questions about the undue influence exerted by the White House on the FCC – an independent agency. The House will continue to fight a government takeover of the Internet to promote a healthy innovation economy.

Our congresswoman either doesn't understand or doesn't care to understand what this really means. It's not a government takeover of the Internet. It requires service providers to be a neutral gateway, which means they are not controlled by corporations or governments.


Nut neutrality said...

I fully agree with Ms McMorris Rodgers that anyone should be able to buy a fast lane to the internet.

But, please, don't call me a Republican.

I also agree with Hillary Clinton that everyone should be able to buy a fast lane to democracy.

For example, if you want to write some banking regulations, don't be lazy: pull out the checkbook and have the Clintons over for a million dollar chat. That's what Wall Street bankers do, and, hey, repeal that Glass-Steagall baby! Or bring it back. The choice is your's. That's just a little thing de Toqueville called "democracy in America."

As a Democrat, I'm totally in favor of Hillary's effort to bring us all together in a "warm fuzzy purple place." I hope everyone is. If you're having trouble downloading the Hillary purple to your own home, maybe the problem is your democracy dialup?

I mean, if I was bothered by the Saudis running a few airplanes into a building or two a few years ago, I'd simply contribute a bit more then the royal family to the Clinton Foundation. What the heck! I'd donate billion to the Gates foundation and let THEM contribute the billion to the Clintons. Then I could get high speed TPP connections at the same time as I'm blasting the Keystone pipeline across North Dakota! Or not. It'd be my choice!

Now, unlike other irresponsible rape-apologist commenters here who have questioned the new campus judicial systems for fairness, I just have to say that I agree with Hillary's protégé Senator Gillibrand's cogent argument: high speed client Philip Morris deserves an attorney when it is accused of doctoring cancer data, but that doesn't mean some dialup student deserves an attorney when accused of a felony. No ma'am!

Aren't all Democrats happy that we are returning to the days when a woman just like Gillibrand or Hillary can point an accusing finger at a certain type of trouble maker and get the attention of a lyn-, er, campus OCR committee? Why shouldn't Democrats return to policies that kept us in power for a hundred years? That's just a little thing that de Toqueville called "a southern strategy."

People just gotta wise up! If you live in Chicago or New York, and you want your neighborhood school to stay open and staffed by competent teachers, well, put a competent attorney on retainer! Preferably one who also works in your local legislature.

Think purple, people, purple. You don't get to purple without green, right?

And not without red. As partisan as I am, shouldn't we thank Dick Cheney just a little? Without him, who woulda thunk about Gitmo-on-Lake-Michigan. Now we now why President Obama wanted to move the Gitmo prisoners to Illinois--that state was already experienced in delivering dial-up justice. Pay to play, prisoners.

And maybe some love for the Citizen's United supremes? Now we know why the ACLU supported the CU decision--it was a Democratic plot all along!

Whew! I feel like Gideon's strumpet, heh.

Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things don't feel the same..
Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

Hillary 2016!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Hillary knows how to use email!