Monday, September 14, 2015

Spokefest 2015

This was the eighth Spokefest and Kathy and I have done them all. Maybe at 25 years they'll do a t-shirt for the perennials. As usual, it was a well-run event and a very pleasant ride. Kathy and I chipped in at registration on Saturday. I noticed the numbers were down. There were a little over 1500 registered by Saturday afternoon, which is a shame. Between the price, the food stops, and the fun of seeing so many people on bikes, this event is a bargain.

Several of us sported bright socks for the ride but Bob outdid us all with his tux jersey. Kathy, Barb, Lucy, Bob and I did the 21-mile loop. (I was absent from the group a lot because I was taking photos of everyone.) With a couple miles to go Bob picked up a thorn in his front tire. Fortunately, the ladies all chipped in and he was ready to roll in 10 minutes or so. They were pretty funny.

 Kathy at registration.

 One with me taking the photo.

 One with me in the photo.

Bob has all the help he needs and then some.

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