Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Bike Ride

I was worried this wasn't going to happen but then two days ago John announced it was on. Unfortunately, John injured his ankle so he couldn't ride. Glen filled in as ride leader. Only three of us showed up: Glen, Joe and me. That made it easy to keep track of everybody.

The trails varied between snow covered, compact snow covered, exposed dirt, exposed rocks, branch covered snow, branch covered dirt, etc. It was a good hard ride. Before I knew it, 3-1/2 hours passed by and we were back at The Scoop and headed to John's house to hang out a bit.

Joe is laid back. Glen looks pensive. 
I'm smiling like I just got away with something.

Glen brought a saw to help clear the trail. But not enough saw for this tree.

 Glen's fat bike tracks.

 Joe in the groove.

More trail clearing.

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