Saturday, November 7, 2015

Blind Repair

The cord in one of our Levolor blinds broke. I couldn't find the same type of cord at any hardware store so I emailed the company. They wanted me to mail the blind to them for repair. Well, screw that. Since it's easy to disassemble and reassemble I wanted to do it myself but they wouldn't have it. I later found out that a small drapery and blind company might be able to help me so I called them. They said they could restring the blind for $40 but it would take three weeks since they were backlogged. Well, screw that, too.

But they also sell the cord for $1 a yard. Bingo. I bought 10 yards and used nine. The blind is back in business.

1 comment:

Favorite Auntie/Sis3 said...

Truly a Mengon project.

Come over to my house sometime w. some more string.

The house will be locked, but hopefully you'll be able to get in.

Favorite Auntie/Sis3