Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Rock Hopper Lives

I bought this Specialized Rock Hopper back in '92 in Montgomery, Alabama. It was seen a lot of wear and tear. It was my commuter for many years. I rode it on the self-supported tour Geoff and I did across Washington. About three or fours years ago I hung it up in storage after a couple of rough winters as my ice bike. (I still have my home-made studded tires.)

I've been thinking about bringing it back to life for a couple of years now.

Since I had a whole pound of powder and the color was just right, I had the frame powder coated along with the Haulin Colin porteur rack on the Elephant NFE. I had a lot of new components installed and now it's looking and riding really nice. I'll probably bring it with me for the 24 Hour Race and maybe do one lap with it just for fun.