Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Americans for American Energy

I received the latest newsletter from Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who continues to faithfully represent congressional district 5. In the newsletter she says that she and her husband cringe every time they fill up their tank. Gas prices have skyrocketed and everyone is affected even if they don't drive. I'm with you so far, Cathy. In response, she is one of the original cosponsors of the Americans for American Energy Act. We need to meet America's energy needs with American resources and this plan does that. Okay, I'm still listening. What does this do?

* Defines hydropower as a renewable resource
* Increases the supply of affordable natural gas from America’s ocean resources by giving coastal states more freedom in whether to develop energy off shore
* Lifts the ban against off shore energy exploration
* Promotes safe and environmentally responsible exploration and development of ANWR
* Develops America’s vast oil shale resources
* Helps expedite the production of domestic coal-to-liquid fuel
* Promotes renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy
* Promotes greater energy efficiency by increasing and extending personal and business efficiency tax credits and deductions
* Adopts common sense regulatory relief and policy reforms to streamline and modernize policies that hinder energy exploration, production and transmission

Oil is a finite resource but gas prices have not skyrocketed because of a shortage. And although offshore drilling is restricted there have been thousands of drilling permits issued. It takes 10 years for new drilling to start producing. There is absolutely nothing there that addresses the skyrocketing price of gas that is happening now. What would? Well, over the past 15 years Congress has removed the Depression-era regulations that prevented speculators from driving up the price of goods--a strong contributor to the Great Depression. Oil speculators are free to do as they please and they, along with the oil companies, are making a killing--at our expense. You'll notice that the Americans for American Energy Act does nothing about that. Most of it involves the extraction of more oil at the expense of the environment. It's enough to make you cringe, isn't it?

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