Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crazy Stuff You Do When You're Young

I could tell some great stories about things I did with fireworks, flammable liquids, and lots of other stuff forty years ago. It seems some things never change.I'm not going to say what Josh mixed together to do this. Not only does it make an excellent smoke bomb but it burns extremely hot. Above is the aluminum can with the contents being lit. Below is the puddle of molten aluminum about 20 seconds later.
The main difference between now and forty years ago being that Josh was under parental supervision at the time--not that it makes it entirely right. But hey, if my brothers and I had been under parental supervision at certain times we wouldn't have unintentionally knocked out the electrical power on an entire Air Force base--twice. I'm not trying to say my parents were to blame. It's just that I'm grateful my kids will ask me beforehand when they want to do something like this. Something I never would've done.

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