Saturday, July 26, 2008

You Can Bank On It

Kellogg's commissioned a study that showed a breakfast of Frosted Mini-Wheats improved attentiveness in kids by 20% over a breakfast of...wait for it....water.

Children were tested prior to eating breakfast to get a base measurement. Then, children were either provided a breakfast of Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats® cereal or water. Next, the children were given a series of tests (the same tests and measurements as prior to the breakfast) each hour for three consecutive hours. The results were taken for three hours after breakfast since this is most likely when children may start to feel hungry, which may lead to distraction.

Apparently the kids that didn't eat were quite likely just getting hungrier so they had more difficulty paying attention. That means eating breakfast is better than not eating breakfast. I had no idea.

Maybe Kellogg's will do something to address this serious development and donate Frosted Mini-Wheats to food banks so the kids who really miss breakfast won't have to. Hey Kellogg's, are you paying attention?

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Jacque Hendrix said...

That first paragraph got a good belly laugh out of me.