Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Faith In Fellow Man Or Fear Of Him?

Do you think people are generally good? Does a person's religion or race make you suspicious? Are you concerned about "them"? Mark Klempner presents a thoughtful essay on the American psyche.

Perhaps the hardest truth for progressives to face is how the profound political and moral disappointments of the last eight years have eroded our own sense of hope and our own belief that the electorate can become more informed and less divided. We, too, hate "the Other," but it is the guy in the grocery store with a hunting jacket and six-pack, or the woman behind us at the gas pump with a "Rush is Right" sticker on her Suburban. We, too, have swallowed the banefully binary worldview of the present administration that reduces everything to "us" and "them."

Ruminate. Cogitate. Mull it over.

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