Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grandma Blogging Zone

Helen Philpot posted very little on her blog until this month when she got all fired up about John McCain and Sarah Palin. How many of us can go from single digit to over 1400 comments on a single entry? An excerpt from her "Sarah Palin is a Bitch… there I said it." entry for your reading pleasure.

Fact: Sarah Palin is stupid. Maybe not stupid by Alabama standards but stupid enough that she managed to get herself elected Governor while never bothering to educate herself on little things like the Constitution, foriegn affairs or appropriate debating practices. She is stupid enough to have accepted a VP nomination for which she is completely unqualified and stupid enough not to admit it - even though the future of our great nation could be irreversibly damaged by the decision.

By Alabama standards? What a hoot! And that's hardly the tip of the iceberg. I can picture her typing away at the keyboard and then clicking Publish Post with an exclamatory "There!" You go, girl.

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