Friday, November 21, 2008

Fame And Fortune

During the summer, Kathy saw a notice in the Inlander concerning submissions for the design of the Bloomsday Finisher T-shirt. She thought drawing something and sending it in was a great idea and she convinced Stephanie to join her in the endeavor. Amidst a pile of paper, crayons and colored markers they got to work. Both of them came up with two designs they liked. They wrote their names and addresses on the back of each and I, the fully trained husband and father, dutifully dropped their entries off. A couple of weeks after the deadline they each received a polite letter saying thank you for your entry but it wasn't selected. Although there was a small sense of disappointment, they knew, based on past designs, they were up against some really good artists. But as a consolation they get to enter the 2009 run for free so it's not like it was a wasted effort.

Yesterday, Stephanie received a letter from the Bloomsday Association. What could it be? She opens it and the next thing you know she's screaming and jumping around as if she'd just poured alcohol onto a freshly scraped knee. Calm down, calm down. What is it?

One of her designs was chosen for the volunteer shirt. How cool is that? Unlike the winning main t-shirt designer, she doesn't have to keep it a secret. Whoo-hoo! And she wins $500. Even cooler!

After she calmed down she asked, "Do I have to pay taxes on that?"


John Speare said...

That rules! Let's see it.

Hank Greer said...

Alas, we didn't keep a copy. Like us, you'll have to wait until the expo that precedes the race to see the volunteer shirt. Essentially she spelled Bloomsday using various icons of Spokane and the Northwest for the letters.

13-b122 said...

Very Cool!