Saturday, November 22, 2008

Point Of Order

About a month ago, Kathy noticed there was one paper towel left on the roll and had been like that for two days. She pulled the last towel off and asked one of the kids to get a new roll. She was politely reminded that the rule is, whoever uses the last paper towel gets a new roll. This is a rule we as a family implemented many years ago at Kathy's behest. It applies to toilet paper and tissues as well. She accused us of purposely not using the last paper towel to which we responded, "The rule is..." She grudgingly got a new role.

Last Sunday the scenario played out again. Kathy again accused us of purposely not using the last paper towel. She pulled the last one off and said she wasn't getting a new roll since we were doing this on purpose. And, of course, we reminded her what the rule is. She held out most of the day before finally abiding by the rule and renewing the paper towel spindle's purpose in life.

This morning I was making some toast and when I reached for a paper towel I noticed there was only one left.

So I got a napkin.

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Jacque Hendrix said...

Oy! That was good for a chuckle.