Thursday, November 13, 2008

Undercurrent Or Riptide?

Last night I attended Fiasco #17 and I was surprised by the turnout. There must've been about 30-35 people on the wind assisted ride from The Swamp to The Globe. I love the incredulous people we see along the way: "What's with all the bikes?" "What's going on?" "Where you guys goin'?" As if there was some secret underground ne'er-do-well cycling insurgents on the prowl. I think it's safe to say the Fucking Bike Club and the Full Moon Fiasco is here to stay.

I got to thinking about how this happened. The Fucking Guy stuck with it even though nobody else showed up for the first four Fiascos. Then someone discovered the FBC blog and ridership grew. Some exposure in the local print media and the next thing you know a large group of cyclists think going for a late night ride under a full moon is cool. But word started with his blog.

So I started looking for and at Spokane blogs. Cycling is well represented. How cool is that? Now this list is not intended to be exhaustive. I'm sure there are others out there. I left some off because they hadn't been posted on for three months or more.

I think Spokane has potential.

The sadly defunct MetroSpokane
John Speare's hub from which all cycling blogs spoke.
Unbearable Bob
Terry Bain
A Fully Devoted Catholic Twice Over
Chess Skills
Another fervent person
A local artist
A fat witch with a gun?
A Triathlete Named Kirsten
Sustain Spokane
Spokane Food Blog
A Photographer
Youth Yoga
Spokane Night Scenes
Inessential Stuff
Financial News in the Inland Informer
Spokane Valley Happenings
KREM 2 intern and KYRS DJ
Hip As Fuck
Finally, A Blog
The Latah Lounge
Spokane Homeless
The Spokane Skeptic
The Back Kitchen
A Triathlete Named Al
Another Triathlete Named Steve
The Spovangelist Spreading The Good Word About Spokane
Jon Snyder's Out There Monthly
Fixed Gear Fiends
Thomas J. Brown Leads A Life Less Ordinary Then Most Everyone Else
Spokane Theatre News With Bobo The Theatre Ho
Pat's 26-Inch Slicks
Jason's Metric Century
Taylor aka VegHeadEd
Fresh - Fresher - Freshest
A Family's Adventure of Consuming Everything Local, Used, Homegrown or Homemade
The Fucking Guy Who Imported The Fucking Bike Club From Fucking St Louis
Derek Complains A Lot
Doubled Butted (Yet Another Cycling Blog)
Bike To Work Spokane
Joe The Blogger (Who Cycles Everywhere)
Bike To Work Barb


Pat S said...

I vote riptide. Kudos on another epic post and your unabashed used of the f-word.

Blush Response said...

Hey. This is Nicole aka Blush Response. I'm really excited that you noticed my blog!

Is there a Zack(h) in your bike group? One of my co-workers always talks about a newly founded bike group. Speaking of work. I am in no way an intern. I am a union paying employee of KREM. I hope that clears up any confusion. I've been there for nine months.

Hank Greer said...

Nicole, sorry about the intern thing. My bad. There may be a Zack in the FBC, but I can't say for sure. I haven't met everyone and I haven't attended all of the fiascos. Work on your bike frame tossing skills and come on out next month and enjoy yourself. Or just come out and enjoy yourself.

Blush Response said...

It's cold though! My bike is sitting in the basement at work. I'd love to come to your next ride with you guys and maybe take pictures?

Hank Greer said...

Absolutely! Dress for the weather and bring your camera.

Jacque Hendrix said...

Great list Hank. It probably took a bit to compile it.

I laughed at your mention of the founder of the FBC as "That Fucking Guy".

Hank Greer said...

That was from Jon Snyder. The first time he met the Fucking Guy he asked, "Is this the Fucking Guy?"

Anonymous said...

We keep a list of local bloggers here, although I'm absolutely positive there's some out-of-date links. We were in the process of doing some cleanup, but sadly the producer working on it isn't here any more.

Anyway, great list, and glad to see the Spokane blogging scene grow. Just a starting point if you're looking for more.

Hank Greer said...

Thanks. That actually was one of my reference points.

John Speare said...

You know, I think it was last November when Liza found Jeff's fucking FBC blog. That was our first ride, and Jeff's First Fucking ride with someone other than his wife. Joe was there of course. Wade was there. Hank, were you? I know Mark Hendrik showed up. We rode down to The Shop, where a buddy of mine had gotten married and was finishing a reception. He had a keg to kill; Jeff had a half-dozen cyclists that needed a destination. It worked well.

Hank Greer said...

No, I read about the November ride on your blog. I didn't become a lifetime member for life until the Festivus ride in December.

Anonymous said...

That is a great list. I would love to bike around more, but had somebody steel my bike recently. Suck, maybe it's back to the pawn shop.

James Stripes said...

Thanks for noticing my Chess Skills blog. Spokane's enormous potential will be in clear focus when the Washington State Elementary Chess Championship brings many of the brightest youth from the I-5 corridor here in April 2009.

I also blog about history, though less frequently the past two months.

Hank Greer said...

James, chess rocks. Good luck in the spring.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for inclusion on this list. I appreciate it. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to be here!! thank you so much for the recognition!