Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanks, Spokane Street Department

This sign is at the bottom of Mayfair just north of the intersection with Cleveland. The street is a one-way for vehicles, but two-way for bicycles. A couple of weeks ago someone moved the sign so that it impedes the bike lane. I called the Spokane Street Department who at first relayed that the foreman--who I'm guessing is probably not a cyclist--said there's enough room for a bike. I politely asserted that there is just enough room (as you can see from the photo) which is not the same. There was definitely the hazard of catching an arm or handlebar and so both Kathy and I--and quite likely other cyclists--were swerving into the oncoming lane to get around the sign. Not only did they move the sign out last Friday, but they also cleaned up much of the debris in the bike lanes. And yesterday they whacked all the weeds along the sides of the road. Nice!


SRTC Staff said...

I moved out of that neighborhood ten years ago. That sign was there then, and the whole six years I lived in the area. I can't beleive that sign has been there for at LEAST 16 years and they've never put up anything permanent!

Hank Greer said...

I asked about a permanent solution. Money and low priority.