Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ban Dirty Books

A school district in California is banning a dictionary.

The Menifee Union School District is forming a committee to review whether dictionaries containing the definitions for sexual terms should be permanently banned from the district's classrooms, a district official said Friday.

The 9,000-student K-8 district this week pulled all copies of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary after an Oak Meadows Elementary School parent complained about a child stumbling across definitions for "oral sex."

And keep our 12-year-old children from having memories like this? (Warning: f-bombs galore)


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Autumn said...

Yeah if I were a parent there, or a citizen there I'd be raising cane. First amendment rights. That's insane, especially since once those kids hit 8th-10th grade Like Water For Chocolate will be recommended reading. I think in 6th grade it was required to read some book with rape in it, I just remember the scene and the way my classmates reacted to it. Page 72 was the most popular that year.

It's a dictionary. Nice to know the schools don't want our children to learn. What exactly are the tax dollars paying them for again? I forget.

Lucas said...

The school district is over-reacting in a big way.

Your essay was fucking hilarious.

Sherry said...

My 9 y/o daughter asked me in the car the other day (driving home from Catholic school BTW) "How do lawyers in LA say 'I'm sorry'?" Answer: "Fuck you." I swear I nearly drove off the road. She told me she read that joke in a book she found on the bookshelf in our TV room: "Tasteless Lawyer Jokes" (given to my dh by his randy sister.) I said if she ever told that joke to Father O'Shea he would faint.