Friday, January 22, 2010

Vulnerable User Bill Response

Hopefully, you have notified your state senator about supporting SB 5838. I received a response from Senator Chris Marr today.

Dear Mr. Greer,

Thank you for writing in to me about SB 5838, concerning traffic infractions where the conduct is a proximate cause of death, great bodily harm, or substantial bodily injury. I support the bill and was responsible for obtaining a hearing for it last year. I believe that we should take any steps we can to make our roads safer. This bill is a step on that path, and I will give it my support if it comes before the full Senate.

To make tracking the progress of this bill easier, we created the following link:
(Unfortunately, the tinyurl link he sent was broken so I'm substituting the correct link.)

For updates on this and other issues during the 2010 Legislative Session, sign up at to receive my e-mail newsletter at Thank you again for contacting me.

Sen. Chris Marr
6th Legislative District
Majority Whip
Vice Chair, Transportation Committee
417 Legislative Building
P.O. Box 40406
Olympia, WA 98504

1 comment:

Spokane Al said...

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Chris Marr's political positions, I have long admired his work ethic, his tenacity, his policy and issue geekiness and his willness to engage with and respond to his constituency.

I email him and other legislators often and I always, I mean always receive a personal response from him.

Plus, of course, he is an accomplished marathoner.