Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Bike Not Stolen

This morning there were two things odd about Josh coming downstairs. (A) we didn't have to wake him. And (2), he made a beeline for the garage. When he came back in he was mumbling something about his bike.

Josh had received a phone call from a friend telling him that he, the friend, had just seen someone riding a bike that looked like Josh's. Josh has at least $70 tied up in his Schwinn so he got right up to check on his prized possession.

Now I just had to ask Josh a couple of questions. The first being, "Have you looked at your bike and compared it to the other bikes in the garage?" Yes, that was more of a rhetorical question to set up the next one.

The second was, "If someone were to steal a bike from our garage, would they take yours?"

That got him laughing.


Anonymous said...

Shoot, I'd steal that Schwinn.

What's your address?

Traditional Bike Club Curmudgeon said...

It's the antithesis of the Wildebeest and the Lion.

Instead of going for the lame, aged and slow, the bike thieves tend to prey on the shiny, new and zoomy.

That's why I try to ride/park with people who have more desirable bikes than mine.