Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Plutonomy And Plutocracy

I've said it before, Bill Moyers is one of the most eloquent and thoughtful journalists. He recently gave a speech at Boston University in which he discusses the current political environment becoming increasingly controlled by and for the rich. He compares today's America with that of the late 19th century and shows not only how the monied interests are more in control than ever, but that they're not close to being done yet.

Donors are laundering their cash through front groups with high-falutin’ names like American Crossroads. That’s one of the two slush funds controlled by Karl Rove in his ambition to revive the era of the robber barons. Promise me you won’t laugh when I tell you that although Rove and the powerful Washington lobbyist who is his accomplice described the first organization as “grassroots”, 97% of its initial contributions came from four billionaires. Yes: The grass grows mighty high when the roots are fertilized with gold.

It's a bit lengthy compared to what most people read on line, but well worth it.

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