Wednesday, September 21, 2011

soccermomsusie Not Revealed

In today's Spokesman Review, Shawn Vestal writes about soccermomsusie, "...the online name of a cranky, prolific, George W. Bush-loving, Obama-hating, Bible-misquoting, exclamation-point-and- ALL-CAPS-deployment specialist – a deft satirical voice that skewers a certain kind of online blowhard."

You may need to log in to read the article. And you should because it's pretty funny.

Fortunately, Shawn was unsuccessful in trying to find out more about soccermomsusie. Or at least he's not revealing it because that would be tragic. Pulling the curtain aside would change everything. For it would no longer be soccermomsusie sneaking up behind other commenters and giving them virtual wedgies, absurdly affirming their views, and generating a mix of wait-are-you-serious and you-tell-em-girl reactions that add to the humor.

Instead it would be, "Oh, that's so-and-so playing the part of soccermomsusie." Anonymity lends authenticity to the soccermomsusie persona. A reveal would cause the people who don't get her satire to ignore it instead. Hopefully this article about her doesn't have that effect.

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