Saturday, December 24, 2011

Don't Feed Into It

Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers has posted another survey on her site.

A new session of Congress will start in January, and we have a full plate of issues to work on. Please fill out this survey to let me know your views and opinions.

Yep, a full plate. As if they cleared anything off their plate during this last year. Well, they did stop the EPA from regulating farm dust even though the EPA had no intentions of doing so. Anyway, check out the wording of the questions and answers. I'm going to touch on some of them.

If you can only choose one, then how about using radio buttons instead of check boxes? Although the input text box for Other is very small, you do get a maximum of 2048 characters to add comments about working WITH the opposition, being LESS ideological, to STOP ignoring science, etc.

Simple and false either-or answers that do not resolve a complex problem. By the way, Social Security does not contribute to the deficit.

Yes, we know you voted to repeal health care reform. The Congressional Budget Office said repealing the law would increase the deficit. Repealing health care reform would allow insurance companies to deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and leave 32 million people without health care.

The Keystone XL pipeline is designed to bypass oil refineries in the Midwest where it must be sold in the US and take it straight to a Foreign Trade Zone on the Gulf Coast where it can be exported tax free. And that is the stated intent by Canada, the seller, and Valero, one of the largest potential buyers.

You can check both answers to this question. But notice the question is about gun ownership, not gun control. Gun control comes up is when we talk about adding checks or restrictions to buying guns after some nutcase goes on a shooting spree. In response, some legislators want to allow college students to carry guns on campus and the like. As well armed as this country is, carrying more guns around will make us safer.


Our fair congresswoman co-sponsored the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011--passing the House last month--which would override state laws (whatever happened to state's autonomy and reducing federal regulations?) and requires states to honor concealed weapon permits from other states. If the Senate passes this, look for a huge uptick in applications in state(s) where it's really easy to get a concealed carry permit.

None of the answers directly answer the question of placing more restrictions on abortion. Unfortunately, there is no Other box to comment on defunding Planned Parenthood so they can't use federal funds for providing abortions which they already do since they can't use federal funds for providing abortions. But let's not let be bothered with pesky facts.

Overall, this survey is feedback to feed the talking points. Write a letter instead.

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Tobias said...

"whatever happened to state's autonomy "

You may have missed the memo but I think this one has been dead since about 1861. I would be very happy to try that secession thing again but I think the result would be the same. If it got as far as a vote in the state I think the threat of cutting off federal dollars ( including federal pensions) would get people back in line right quick.

We are just slaves who in the end will do exactly what we are told.