Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back In Operational Status

I did not intend to go shopping on Black Friday, but a crashed hard drive forced me to go to the store. After returning home from the Black Friday Bike Ride, I headed out and picked up a 2TB replacement drive. While having a hard drive crash is a bad thing, it was fortunate for me that Geoff was home. He replaced my hard drive three years ago and is far more familiar with the innards of my iMac than I am. He swapped out the drive and Time Machine took over after booting up. I don't care that it took almost seven hours to restore my system. It's such a relief that when the restore is complete, I am right back to where I left off when the other drive crashed. No loss of data or applications.

Here is what it looked like when Geoff swapped out the hard drive three years ago. Same as yesterday. Thank you, Geoff!

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