Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Source Of My Madness

This year I've been paying attention to different aspects of my behavior, focusing on something I think is important, and then changing it. I'm just as imperfect as everyone else, more so in many cases, so I'm constantly looking at how I treat others, how I react, and how I interact and evaluating myself afterwards. It's not driving me crazy--yet. But I think I've improved, especially at work.

On a trivial note, I relearned how to tie my shoes--when I wear shoes--so the knot never comes untied. Yeah, I thought that was important enough to do.

On another trivial note, I find that when I turn the stove top burner on, I spin the knob counterclockwise from the OFF position, past LO, and on around to the number I want. I reverse the process when I turn the burner off. Now this makes sense if I'm choosing 5 or less, and it makes sense to turn the knob clockwise to 5 and higher. Why twist your wrist unnecessarily and spin the knob almost in a complete circle, right? I don't consider this important enough to force a change in my behavior, but I'm OCD just enough to notice I do this every damn time I do this.
Now you might think this wouldn't keep me awake at night if I used a microwave oven instead of cooking on the stove top. But think ahead and you'll see that raises an entirely different question. When would I use the number 9?

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