Friday, February 7, 2014

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

An interview we have yet to see on American television.


Anonymous said...

The Obama Administration hasn't investigated or credibly condemned the death threats against Snowden. The threats are from the top, and official. Clapper could easily supply the identity of the lawbreakers to the FBI for prosecution.

However, the threats aren't meant to rattle the ever-cool Snowden in Russia. Clapper means to intimidate U.S. voters and pro-democracy candidates in the 2014 elections. The threats are always carefully timed to coincide with Clapper's official statements to Congress.

Clapper has rattled the hitherto compliant Obama at least enough that Obama has ordered the NSA not to interfere with US political processes. But Clapper won't be constrained by limp reprovals from the White House.

404 said...

Glen Greenwald's magazine The Intercept has now come online at Repeated 503 overload errors but keep trying.

The first story is about the NSA role in targeted assasinations. Put it this way: Snowden probably doesn't have a cell plan.

It may be that Holder and Obama would like to rein in the Clapper monster they helped create. But the AG and POTUS didn't just make threats, they killed Americans, including at least one child, without due process.

If they investigated Clapper's death threats against Snowden, Greenwald, and Congress, they would have to also investigate themselves.

Fatal Loins said...

2014, yes, but Commander Clapper is really trying to prevent the 2016 election from becoming a referendum on the his unchecked power. He would love an orderly dynastic rematch of the House of Clinton and House of Bush. Either way his junta wins. At all costs he must prevent citizens, and particularly the young, from forging a new pro-democracy alliance. He sees enemies everywhere, imagines himself a respected Eschalus above the political fray, but he is in fact a Lear descending into madness. Will he take us with him?

Big Like a Pickle said...

Clapper looks more like a Humpty Dumpty to me. I think we're giving to much credit to the spooky eggheads tenacity to outlast the revelations. Clapper is obviously desparate, vainly trying to keep balanced, and shouting invective at all the king's horses and all the king's men, who wait for him to fall.

We'll be left picking up the pieces.