Wednesday, April 2, 2014

30DOB - Day 2

I worked up a good sweat climbing North Five Mile and lost all my heat coming down the south side. Outside of the planned climb, I pretty much decided my route to work as I went along. I took Alberta south to Northwest Blvd. I got off that road pretty quick when I got to Belt because there's a ton of traffic and the lanes are tight. I don't know if I noticed it before but that piece of NW Blvd is actually designated as a Bike Route. Crazy.

I swung by the new section of the Centennial Trail and saw that work is in progress. Cool.
 This will soon be a paved trail.

 So will this.

 What was happening at lunch time today.


Wileydog said...

whoa, thanks for the update. I didn't know they were working on this section even though I've been riding home along Summit lately. I glimpsed the old railroad bed on my way home today and almost took it. So looks like this new section will go to Summit/Boone. Here's to hoping the Summit to TJ Meenach section gets completed.


Wileydog said...

..and NW Blvd oh man. When it was re-paved a few years ago, I checked with the city about adding bike lanes while they were at it. I was told there were right of way issues, and it was a no go. May have also had something to do with the restrictions on the 10-year bond money. But I wondered if they could lower the 35 mph speed limit, narrow the center turn and/or traffic lanes and have room for bike lanes. I thought we missed an opportunity.

Runner said...

More pavement.

My knees hurt.

Judicious said...

No worries, Runner. With any luck SCOTUS will outlaw this trail, too!

After all, who knows more about the necessity for Western bike trails than nine limo-chauffeured East Coast corporate lawyers.