Friday, May 16, 2014

Bike To Work Week Wrap Up Party

The wrap up party was a resounding success. About 120 people showed up at River City Red Brew Pub for free food and free beer. River City donated two kegs of beer. It was great so many cyclists attended, but many of them must have had their priorities misplaced. The food disappeared but we still had beer left over. What's up with that? 

Now had this been a cyclocross race....

Regardless, people ate, drank, hung out, and received prizes. On the final draw, the guy randomly asked to pull a ticket drew his own. What are the odds?

Bike To Work Week Committee members want to know,
"Are the orange shirts bright enough?"
"Have you seen the rest of this bike?"

It was odd that a rear wheel for a fat bike was just leaning against a building waiting to be used as a prop. How often does that happen? Or should the better question be, "How does this happen?"

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