Sunday, May 4, 2014

Saving Soles

My brother, John, hung out at our mom's house a took a couple of photos of the race.

Wheelchair leader.

 Women's elite leaders.

 Men's elite leader.

Instead of running barefoot, I wore the Vibrams this year. My ankle injury flared up on me a couple weeks ago during a four-mile lunch time run. I compensated for it, which affected my stride, and I ended up with a large blister on each foot in two miles. So I saved my soles this year.

I didn't check my time until I hit the five mile mark near the top of Doomsday Hill. I was surprised to find myself at 41 minutes and some change. Quick math told me I needed a sub 8-minute-mile pace to beat my PR of 1:00:40. Smart thinking said to just take it easy. I was feeling it but not as bad as the maroon shirt guy to my right. I think I crossed the line at just over 1:02:00.

Wife, Kathy, and sister, Barb.

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