Saturday, November 15, 2008

Be A Locavore Even When You Travel

Here's a snippet from the latest newsletter from the good people at Fresh Abundance.

Buy LOCAL - The best way to support the crisis is to support your community. The best way to keep our money local is to buy local.

Cook more - We have all become accustomed to eating on the go. Fast eating costs more money and generally is not as healthy as the fabulous stuff you can brew up in your own kitchen.

There's a site called the Eat Well Guide to assist you. If you know of a business or person who should be added, please use the Suggest Listing link. If you're on a road trip you can map your route and find out what's available along the way. How cool it that?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for recommending the Eat Well Guide to find local organic food on the road. We have thousands of stores and co-ops (also farms, organizations, etc) listed in the Guide to help you find good food for holidays and everyday! If you haven't heard, Eat Well has partnered with Consumers Union for a Thanksgiving Local and Organic Food Challenge. We are asking people to incorporate one local, sustainable or organic ingredient in a dish for the holiday and then submit their recipe. Check it out: