Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

I could have gotten hit by one of those STA commuter vans this morning, but I decided to not let that happen. While walking to the Park 'n' Ride I came to an intersection just as someone driving the van pulled up to the stop sign. The driver was looking at the traffic coming from the left in anticipation of making a right turn. With three cars about to pass by the opportunity to turn was about to present itself. I was sure the driver had no idea I was nearby since I hadn't seen her look to the right. I stood at the curb. As soon as the last car went by she gunned it, looked right, saw me, slammed on the brakes, gunned it again and took off. Had I legally crossed the street she would've struck me when she first gunned it, but I chose not to let that happen. There's a maxim I follow when cycling that applies to pedestrians as well:

"Even if you're in the right, you still lose if you get hit by a car."

I wonder if she's going to start looking to the right more often.

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