Friday, December 26, 2008

The Answer Depends On How You Ask The Question

The Spokane City Parks and Recreation Department paid $7,000 to commission a poll (have to log in to the Spokesman) to determine Spokane County voter support for using Conservation Futures for buying the YMCA building located in Riverfront Park. The results were 57% for using the Conservation Futures, 20% against, and 22% undecided.

Given the results, I have to question what was asked. Did this poll consist of a single question with three answers to choose from? If so, then it's questionable. Given a choice of one form of payment it's an "either or" situation. Either use this or you don't get that. Were other methods of payment presented? If not, how would voters react to the poll if they could choose from them?

I wonder what they asked to get this answer.

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