Monday, December 29, 2008

What Do You Do When Nobody's Watching?

Back in November, Kathy and I purchased an iPod Nano at Costco as a Christmas gift for Stephanie. We paid the $139.99 plus tax and someone got the item from the secure area and gave it to us. I got it out just before Christmas and wrapped it. Neither at the time of purchase nor when I was wrapping it did I take a close look at what was in the box. When Stephanie opened her gift she had the biggest smile and Kathy and I had the most puzzled looks.

"Why does that have a picture of an iPod Touch screen on an iPod Nano," Kathy wondered out loud. "That's not very nice of them to do that."

Then I saw the iPod Touch label on the side of the box. "Did we buy a Touch by mistake?" I asked Kathy. For a minute we thought our memories were fuzzy and maybe we did spend $289.99. We got the receipt out and it listed $139.99 for a Nano.

What to do? We couldn't take it away from Steph. We didn't feel right about benefiting from the store's mistake. What does that teach the kids, right? So we took it and the receipt back and paid the difference. Ouch!

Just about anyone I've told that to said they wouldn't have done that. So I wondered, if it had been just me and nobody else knew about it, what would I have done?


Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that you did what was right. I do admit that it would have been a difficult choice had I been in the same predicament. I believe that we have people around us to keep us accountable to making the right choices in life. If nobody but me knew of the mistake, would I do the right thing? I think that is a question we would all be a bit embarrassed to answer.

Anonymous said...

Hands down Hank you did the right thing. Sure, the temptation of digging it into the "man" was there, but it sounds like your integrity got the best of you.

Which Costco was this and do they have anymore ? :)

Jacque Hendrix said...

Whoa Hank, I thought I was the only one that did that. I guess we're kinda weird that way. A similar thing happened to me last year at Shop-Ko. They thanked me and said not to worry about it. I'm surprised Costco didn't do the same.