Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How Will You Remember Him?

In twenty days a new president will be sworn in and hopefully our country's path will change towards a more positive route. In the meantime, President Bush has been trying to put the positive spin on his two terms in his exit interviews. That got me to thinking and here are my suggestions for the Bush Legacy Project.

* Ignored the memo about an impending bin Laden attack
* The attack takes place
* The Iraq war
* Hurricane Katrina
* No Child Left Behind
* Tax cuts for the rich for 1.3 trillion dollars
* Massacred the English language in public too many times to count
* Authorized illegal electronic surveillance of Americans
* Spent nearly one-third of his presidency at Crawford ranch, Camp David, or family compound in Kennebunkport
* Increased Americans living in poverty by 4.4 million
* Housing and financial market collapses
* Denied climate change
* Authorized the use of torture
* Hundreds of signing statements stating he would determine the law
* Politicized the Department of Justice

Oh, and don't forget his theme song.

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