Thursday, December 18, 2008

If You're Stuck At Home Like Me

Yesterday they cut us loose early since the roads were so bad. This was a rare day where I drove to work since I had some things to take care of beforehand. I'm walking to the van and I see a cyclist ride by. Rock on, Derek! I clear tons of snow off my vehicle and join everyone else who were cut loose early since the roads were so bad so we could make them worse together. Working my way north on Division I turned onto Foothills thinking I could take Addison and Standard the rest of the way north and get home quicker. Ah ha! I am so smart. Traveling unimpeded through a neighborhood I'm following a truck north on Standard when a car comes from my left. We're at an unmarked intersection so I have the right of way since I'm on the right. Wrong! Since he's an uninsured motorist, he has the right of way.

Meet Ernest Ray Smith, risk taker, man about town and dare devil extraordinaire

My left front hits his right front. I have lots of plastic damage and the hood is bent a little, but the van is driveable. His right front wheel is definitely off kilter and he can't drive away. We exchange info, I take pictures, and I complete the trip home where I finish packing for our trip to Hawaii. The snow continues and I clear my driveway twice before 10:00 pm.

Second clearing of driveway last night

This morning I got up at 3:15 and cleared the driveway again. The road outside our driveway has about two feet of snow so I got the chains out. But Kathy tells me our flight is canceled so we decided to go back to bed. Got up at 8:00 and there's another 6-8 inches in the driveway waiting for my shovel.

My driveway beckons me--again

Kathy called Alaska Air all morning only to get a recording that they're too busy to take our call. Considering the circumstances, that's to be expected. And since today is my LII birthday, Stephanie is making me my favorite--Rice Krispie treats. Awesome.

So why is this post labeled "bicycling"? Because we have to look at the bright side. Here's a great article about cycling subcultures.

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The Editor said...

Tough break about the collision, at least it still drives though. Which island are you going to? I've been to Maui a couple times. They have some really awesome mountain biking spots there, just watch out for that red clay, if you fall in it your skin will be stained for a week.