Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Policies Bear A Bitter Fruit

Last night we watched a very disturbing Frontline report called Children of the Taliban. Watching a child identify a distant explosion as a mortar blast or describe a beheaded policeman was beyond belief. Stephanie was incredulous at the frame of mind possessed by many of the young people. How can anyone be so willing to die and kill others in the process? And for what? Well, when your education is restricted within the confines of a belief system, you can be convinced to do and be comfortable with doing just about anything.

Most mind boggling of all were the two friends, one of whom plans to join the Taliban and the other the Pakistan army. When they were individually asked if one could kill the other, both gave interesting answers. The one who plans to join the army said that if he is attacked he would retaliate forcefully. The Taliban-bound young man said that if he thought his friend was doing wrong he would kill him. The distinction between the replies was lost on Steph who was amazed that either of the two friends would answer the way they did.

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