Friday, July 31, 2009

Box Cutter Bingo

Last night I was trying to remove a plant from its plastic bucket and decided to use a box cutter for the job. I sliced the side open and then tried to cut across the bottom. The blade slipped and embedded itself completely into the base of my thumb. The way the blood flowed I knew I just got myself out of doing any more work. Yeah, it's almost like I planned it that way.

Trailing blood like a Freddie Krueger victim, I walked around the back of the house and told Kathy I'd just cut myself pretty bad. I cleaned the profusely bleeding wound in the kitchen sink, applied direct pressure with a small towel and off the the ER we went.

A couple of hours later I was stitched up and on my way home. I only got three stitches, but I made up in depth what I lacked in length. I was lucky I missed any important nerves and tendons which would've been pretty serious. Regardless, I try to keep things light so during the information gathering phase one of the questions an elderly secretary asked me was, "What race do you associate yourself with?"

"5k", I answered.

She got it.


Spokane Al said...

Wow, I hope your wound heals quickly.

And I really did not need to see the picture - I scrolled as fast as possible past it.

Hank Greer said...

Sorry for grossing you out.

auntjanet said...

Now who did that nice sewing job? if female, she would qualify for our quilting group.
Heal quickly please so you can do your next 5k.

Sherry said...

After I sliced my thumb while making kindling a number of years back, I asked the ER doc if I'd be able to play the violin after it healed. There was a long pause, after which he asked me if I could play before this. I shrugged and said "no, but I was hoping this would help!" He also got it. Happy healing to you.