Friday, September 3, 2010


Hey, officer, you just shot a killed a retired preacher. What are you going to do next?

I'm going to Disneyland!

Deputy Brian Hirzel left town the day after an Aug. 25 encounter with Wayne Scott Creach at his sprawling nursery business, the Plant Farm, 14208 E. Fourth Ave. Officials have only said that Hirzel and Creach had some sort of “confrontation” that ended when Hirzel shot Creach moments after the shirtless 74-year-old grabbed his pistol and went outside to investigate what he may have thought was a prowler.

Knezovich said at a Wednesday afternoon news conference that he approved Hirzel’s vacation partly because the county would have been on the hook to pay for travel costs had Hirzel and his wife canceled. But the sheriff said his greatest concern was that he didn’t want to “taint” the investigation by making it appear he was forcing Hirzel to submit to the interview.

“This case is more important” than a vacation, Knezovich said. “We have to ensure the integrity of this investigation, and I’m not about to do anything that looks coercive that would jeopardize this investigation.”

"Forcing" a police officer to "submit" to an interview to learn what caused that officer to shoot and kill someone would "taint" the investigation? Only in Spokanistan.


Anonymous said...

It definitely confirms my suspicions: Spokane area cops are a Mickey Mouse operation.

Jason Gilman said...

Only in Spokane. I was sympathetic towards the officer initially after hearing the scenario described in the media, but not so much any more. What kind of person continues with plans for their vacation the day after killing someone? And I seriously question any SD/SPD policies that allow a law enforcement member to skip town in circumstances like these.