Friday, September 17, 2010

What About Toolin'?

In the winter when I was a kid we used to do something called ski jogging. We'd find a way to grab onto the bumper a slow moving car on a snow covered street and let it pull us a long. I don't know how the practice received the name, but that's what it was. During my time in the Air Force I never met anyone who had heard that term or knew what it meant. For me it was always something uniquely Spokane.

Well it just so happens that at some point the City of Spokane made the term official and memorialized and defined it in the municipal code.


Anonymous said...

I guess I have been in violation time and time again.


Rob Brewer said...

Hmmm. We called it hooky bobbing. Have no idea where that term came from though.

Pat S said...

Nice find, Hank, that rules. I was a small-change "Ski Jogger". Some of my buddies were heavy hitters though.

Sherry said...

Hooky bobbing. I second that name.